mfpen is a contemporary clothing brand from Copenhagen recontextualising classic design with relaxed silhouettes and responsible production. mfpen strives to design a relevant wardrobe whilst making minimal impact.

Durable and functional designs follow a Responsible Hierarchy; first looking to high-quality European deadstock fabrics from overproduction elsewhere in the fashion industry. Where deadstock is unavailable, recycled and biodegradable fabrics are used before resorting to certified organic cotton.

SPORTIVO STORE_Vacation Shirt Black Check
SPORTIVO STORE_Travel Trousers Black
SPORTIVO STORE_Studio Trousers Grey Pinstripe
SPORTIVO STORE_Single Breasted Blazer Grey Pintripe
SPORTIVO STORE_Setup Blazer Black
SPORTIVO STORE_Scene Trousers Dust Brown Stripe
SPORTIVO STORE_Patch Trousers Vintage Pinstripe
SPORTIVO STORE_Easy Trousers Black Check
SPORTIVO STORE_Crinkle Shirt Black Check
SPORTIVO STORE_Generous Shirt White Stripe
SPORTIVO STORE_Generous Shirt Blue Oxford
SPORTIVO STORE_Generous Shirt Butter
SPORTIVO STORE_Rib Tank Top 2Pack Taupe
SPORTIVO STORE_Meredith LS Tee Washed Graphite
SPORTIVO STORE_Chronicle Knit Top Dust
SPORTIVO STORE_Everyday Pullover Black
SOLD OUT SPORTIVO STORE_Provenance Jacket Recycled Dry Grey
SPORTIVO STORE_Holiday Shirt Floral Silk
SPORTIVO STORE_Holiday Shirt Mushroom Stripe
SPORTIVO STORE_Senior Shirt Black
SPORTIVO STORE_Senior Shirt Off White
SPORTIVO STORE_Messenger Jacket Slate
SPORTIVO STORE_Patch Pocket Blazer Slate
SPORTIVO STORE_Crochet Belt Black
SPORTIVO STORE_Regular Jeans Faded Black
SPORTIVO STORE_Crochet Tie Taupe
SPORTIVO STORE_Crochet Tie Black
SPORTIVO STORE_Executive Shirt Mushroom Stripe
SPORTIVO STORE_Executive Shirt Company Stripe
SPORTIVO STORE_Motion Shorts Recycled Black
SPORTIVO STORE_Motion Shorts Recycled Dry Grey
SPORTIVO STORE_Input Shirt Grey Stripe
SPORTIVO STORE_Principle Shirt Black
SPORTIVO STORE_Distant Shirt Company Stripe
SPORTIVO STORE_Distant Shirt Grey Stripe
SPORTIVO STORE_Convenient Shirt White
SPORTIVO STORE_Patch Trousers Slate
SPORTIVO STORE_Studio Trousers Grey Stripe
SPORTIVO STORE_Label Tie Beige Check
SPORTIVO STORE_Studio Trousers Anthracite Fine Stripe
SPORTIVO STORE_Single Breasted Blazer Grey Pinstripe
SPORTIVO STORE_Single Breasted Blazer Black Wool
SPORTIVO STORE_House Cardigan Curly Grey
SPORTIVO STORE_Service Trousers Black Wool Cavalry Twill
SPORTIVO STORE_Related open vest dark check