Jacques Solovière Paris

Jacques Solovière’s brand values are focused on longevity, taste, and cross-generational cachet. Creating an equilibrium between gorgeous detailing and practical silhouettes, Jacques Solovière allies finesse with comfort in an ultra-light shoe. Every pair is made with the utmost quality in Italy’s finest workshops and factories. Each detail is rigorously considered: vibrant colors and luxurious materials are then mastered with precision. Perennials like slippers, brogues and derbies are never trend-driven.

SPORTIVO STORE_Rasmus Mountain Boot Black
SPORTIVO STORE_Edouard Derby Black
SPORTIVO STORE_Olivier Derby Dark Brown
SPORTIVO STORE_Pio Boot Dark Brown
SPORTIVO STORE_Jacques Slippers Suede Calf Saffran
SPORTIVO STORE_Jacques Slippers Suede Calf Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_Charles Babouche Slippers Rafia Fabric Naturale
SPORTIVO STORE_Luz Slipper Suede Calf Woody
SPORTIVO STORE_Pantome Slipper Calf Leather Black
SPORTIVO STORE_Biarritz Sandals Suede Calf Beige
SPORTIVO STORE_Biarritz Sandals Suede Calf Brown
SPORTIVO STORE_Bed Babouche Suede Calf Beige
SPORTIVO STORE_Alexis Shearling Loafer Suede Calf Maracca
SPORTIVO STORE_Hayden Derby Suede Calf Brown
SPORTIVO STORE_DoubleVelcro Sneaker Rudy Grain Calf/White
SPORTIVO STORE_Slip on loafers Marty calf leather black
SPORTIVO STORE_Slip on derby Arthus brown