Marni is a luxury brand founded in 1994. Since 2000, Marni has developed a strong presence in the most important markets worldwide, opening several flagship stores and being distributed in the most prestigious department stores. Furthermore, the brand pioneered web retail launching its online store, which depicts the Marni world through e-commerce as well as special sections dedicated to its several artistic collaborations and special projects.

SPORTIVO STORE_Organic Cotton Striped Shirt Ivory
SPORTIVO STORE_Tropical Wool Embroidery Jacket Blublack
SPORTIVO STORE_Tropical Wool Boxy Shirt Lime
SPORTIVO STORE_Tropical Wool Shirt Blublack
SPORTIVO STORE_Degrade' Stripe Wool Shirt Blumarine
SPORTIVO STORE_Embroidery Shirt Organic Cotton Oxford Sapphire
SPORTIVO STORE_Cuban Collar Printed Shirt Reverie Poplin Lily White
SPORTIVO STORE_Cuban Collar Embroidery Shirt Organic Poplin Black
SPORTIVO STORE_Embroidery Shirt Organic Poplin Lily White
SPORTIVO STORE_Beach Textured Cotton Shirt Endive
SPORTIVO STORE_Palmellato Leather Trifold Wallet Black
SPORTIVO STORE_Herringbone Wool Trousers Dark Raisin
SPORTIVO STORE_Tropical Wool Cargo Trousers Blublack
SPORTIVO STORE_Marble Dyed Jeans Leav Green
SPORTIVO STORE_Light Woven Leather Mocassin Light Orange
SPORTIVO STORE_Broken Fisherman Sweater Striped Stone White
SPORTIVO STORE_Mini Prisma Bag Black
SPORTIVO STORE_Organic Cotton Hooded Sweatshirt Blue Kyanite
SPORTIVO STORE_Organic Cotton Jersey T-Shirt Light Orchid
SPORTIVO STORE_Wool Cargo Pants Blublack
SPORTIVO STORE_Fuzzy Wuzzy Mohair Jumper Royal
SPORTIVO STORE_Mouliné Turtleneck Docevita Jumper Ocean
SPORTIVO STORE_Check Pile Shirt Grass
SPORTIVO STORE_Stripy Flowers Poplin Shirt Sea Green
SPORTIVO STORE_Long-Sleeved Crewneck Sweater Brick