De Bonne Facture

«de bonne facture» is a French expression describing a way of doing things well. It is a word that can be used for a poem, a piece of furniture, a piece of clothing. It is a way of saying that designing is inseparable from manufacturing, and that a certain form of integrity can be respected in the way clothes are made today.

SPORTIVO STORE_Camp Collar Shirt Sunrise
SOLD OUT SPORTIVO STORE_Camp Collar Shirt Off White
SPORTIVO STORE_Camp Collar Shirt Multistripes
SPORTIVO STORE_Painter's Jacket Green/Grey Checks
SPORTIVO STORE_Painter's Jacket Arabica
SPORTIVO STORE_Paisley Bandana Sienna
SPORTIVO STORE_Paisley Bandana Pine Green
SPORTIVO STORE_Hunting Jacket Water-Repellent Khaki
SPORTIVO STORE_Hunting Jacket Water-Repellent Plum
SPORTIVO STORE_Easy Shorts Pastel Blue
SPORTIVO STORE_Easy Shorts Green/Grey Checks
SPORTIVO STORE_Essential Jacket Undyed Flax
SPORTIVO STORE_Essential Jacket Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_Traveler Jacket Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_Drawstring Trousers Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_Drawstring Trousers Arabica
SPORTIVO STORE_Two Pocket Overshirt Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_Two Pocket Overshirt Pastel Blue
SPORTIVO STORE_Camp Collar Embroidered Shirt Soft Grey
SPORTIVO STORE_Camp Collar Embroidered Shirt Off White
SPORTIVO STORE_Button Down Shirt Green Checks
SPORTIVO STORE_Camp Collar Shirt Red/Yellow Checks
SPORTIVO STORE_Jacquard Mountain Sweater Green
SPORTIVO STORE_Cable Knit Sweater Rose
SPORTIVO STORE_Overshirt Undyed Shepherd's Check