A Kind of Guise

A Kind of Guise is a young brand of Munich specialized in exclusive designs crafted with the best materials sourced locally. Since 2009 their mixing of designs, selected materials and craftsmanship is essential to giving each item a distinct and original look, feel and functionality.

SPORTIVO STORE_Ferrini Knit Polo Darkest Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_Ferrini Knit Polo Aubergine
SPORTIVO STORE_Banasa Pants Desert Sage
SPORTIVO STORE_Banasa Pants Dark Incense
SPORTIVO STORE_Elasticated Wide Trousers Mocca
SPORTIVO STORE_Gioia Shirt Sunset Caravane
SPORTIVO STORE_Gioia Shirt Tomato Trim
SPORTIVO STORE_Gioia Shirt Midnight Crochet
SPORTIVO STORE_Gioia Shirt Mustard Crochet
SPORTIVO STORE_Banepa Shirt Electric Indigo
SPORTIVO STORE_Banepa Shirt Sapphire Stripe
SPORTIVO STORE_Gioia Shirt Painted Mosaic
SPORTIVO STORE_Alia Silk Scarf Cozy Camels
SPORTIVO STORE_Balama Bandana Sunrise Caravane
SPORTIVO STORE_Balama Bandana Night Caravane
SPORTIVO STORE_Elasticated Wide Trousers Desert Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_Pleated Wide Trousers Dark Incense
SPORTIVO STORE_Pleated Wide Trousers Desert Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_Gusto Shirt Pineapple Stripe
SOLD OUT SPORTIVO STORE_Gusto Shirt Desert Night Stripe
SPORTIVO STORE_Gusto Shirt Electric Indigo
SPORTIVO STORE_Gusto Shirt Sapphire Stripe
SPORTIVO STORE_Gioia Shirt Petra Paisley
SPORTIVO STORE_Gioia Shirt Sumach Stripe
SPORTIVO STORE_Cassiar Cardigan Burned Toast
SPORTIVO STORE_Polar Knit Cardigan Oyster Houndstooth
SPORTIVO STORE_Cascade Crewneck Pecan
SPORTIVO STORE_Wiseman Vest Pea Green
SPORTIVO STORE_Solomon Jeans Trucker Denim
SOLD OUT SPORTIVO STORE_Dullu Shirt Aurora Check
SOLD OUT SPORTIVO STORE_Flores Shirt Beige Diamond
SPORTIVO STORE_Faro Highneck Sweater Skydiver Melange
SPORTIVO STORE_Nulato Knit Pullunder Highschool Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_Nulato Knit Pullunder Chipmunk
SPORTIVO STORE_Yukon Jacket Butter Pecan
SPORTIVO STORE_Sunderland Leather Pants Butter Pecan
SOLD OUT SPORTIVO STORE_Derbin Shirt Silky Boy-Scout
SPORTIVO STORE_Permanents Button Down Shirt Washed Navy
SOLD OUT SPORTIVO STORE_Seaton Button Down Shirt Paisley Medellin