Porter-Yoshida & Co.

The "PORTER THINGS" series features stretch cords, fasteners attached to biases (diagonally), and three-dimensional forms. The stretch cord at the bottom, which is eye-catching when carried, is elastic and convenient for storing clothes, folding umbrellas, etc. Each item comes with a stretch cord in two colors, black for business use and fluorescent green for a sporty impression, so you can enjoy changing it according to your mood and occasion. Yoshida&Co. Co., Ltd. adopted the cubic eye pickerite used on the back for the first time in the world as a bag material. This material has a special three-dimensional honeycomb structure and is extremely excellent in "breathability", "shock absorption" and "quick drying", so it is used in fields that require advanced technology such as medical care and sports. It is a three-dimensional multi-functional material that reduces the pressure on the part where the bag and the body come into contact with each other and reduces the obstruction of blood circulation, reducing fatigue and discomfort caused by long-term carrying. The main material is the elegant and glossy nylon twill, which is treated with a Teflon fabric protector on the surface and PVC on the back, making it excellent in stain resistance and water repellency. The bottom of the main body is made of 1680D Cordura Ballistic Nylon, which has high heat resistance, abrasion resistance, and tear strength, and a urethane coating is applied to the back of the fabric, giving it lightness and flexibility. Although the fabrics used are each monochromatic, the contrast due to the difference in materials is attractive. The front pocket has a gusset and can be opened and closed with a large zipper, so you can smoothly store items that you take in and out frequently or bulky items. The interior has a gusset to prevent things from falling off. The 2-way helmet bag has a large main compartment and a three-dimensional front pocket, making it an item that can be used in various situations such as business and travel. The interior is equipped with a cushioned pocket that can store a 14inch PC. The interior of the gusseted front pocket is a highly practical specification with a zipper pocket made of elastic mesh material.

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SPORTIVO STORE_Classic Bow Crossbody Bag Black
SPORTIVO STORE_Flex 2Way Tote Bag Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_Flex 2Way Tote Bag Olive Drab
SPORTIVO STORE_Flex 2Way Tote Bag Black
SPORTIVO STORE_Senses Tote Bag (S) Black
SPORTIVO STORE_Senses Tote Bag (L) Black
SPORTIVO STORE_Flex 2Way Helmet Bag Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_Flex 2Way Helmet Bag Olive Drab
SPORTIVO STORE_Flex 2Way Helmet Bag Black
SPORTIVO STORE_Tanker Tote Bag Iron Blue
SPORTIVO STORE_Tanker Tote Bag Sage Green
SPORTIVO STORE_Tanker Tote Bag Black
SPORTIVO STORE_Flex 2Way Helmet Bag Orange
SPORTIVO STORE_Flex 2Way Helmet Bag Gray
SPORTIVO STORE_Force Daypack Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_Crag Tote Bag Coyote
SPORTIVO STORE_Flex Bonsac (S) Orange
SPORTIVO STORE_Howl Helmet Mini Bag Black
SPORTIVO STORE_Balloon Sac Woodland Camo Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_Balloon Sac (L) Black
SOLD OUT SPORTIVO STORE_A3 Shoulder Bag Black Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_Respail Bag Marine Blue
SPORTIVO STORE_Strasbourg Bag Olive
SPORTIVO STORE_Sorbonne Bag Marine Blue
SPORTIVO STORE_Sorbonne Bag Olive
SPORTIVO STORE_Chartres Bag Black
SPORTIVO STORE_Le-Marais Bag Light Greige
SPORTIVO STORE_Montsouris Bag Orange
SPORTIVO STORE_Mini Prisma Bag Black
SPORTIVO STORE_Beaded Mini Classic Bow Crossbody Bag Olive/Pearl
SPORTIVO STORE_Leather Basket Small Bag Dark Brown
SPORTIVO STORE_Ransel Mini Satchel Black
SPORTIVO STORE_Small Soft Game Bag Clay
SOLD OUT SPORTIVO STORE_Medium Soft Game Bag Asphalt
SPORTIVO STORE_Small Croissant Bag Dark Tabacco
SPORTIVO STORE_Medium Croissant Bag Dark Chocolate
SPORTIVO STORE_Leather Bag N.301 Black