Porter-Yoshida & Co.

``PORTER CRAG'' is a casual series that features the depth of color and unique texture that can only be achieved through product dyeing. Used an original back satin fabric that is densely woven from a blend of nylon and cotton yarn. In order to dye the threads of different materials, we created a deep color by using ``two-bath dyeing,'' which involves soaking the yarn in two different dye solutions in succession. The drying process after dyeing creates a firm and unique texture. This series utilizes the advanced technology cultivated over many years in Kurashiki, Okayama Prefecture, which has a thriving textile industry, and uses an environmentally friendly, safe and secure dyeing process. Product dyeing produces differences in color, wrinkles, and shrinkage when finished, so you can enjoy each item's unique expression. It is also attractive because of its light weight and high storage capacity, which you cannot imagine from its appearance. The exterior of each item has a large pocket that takes advantage of the deep bag shape, making it easy to put in and take out stored items. By applying nylon tape accented with zigzag stitching to the bottom of the main unit, it matches the firm fabric and makes it easy to stand on its own. This tote bag fits A4 size and is perfect for everyday use. The handle is long enough to be worn over the shoulder. There are two partitioned pockets on the interior, and both the exterior pockets have a practical structure that has plenty of storage capacity and is easy to organize.


SPORTIVO STORE_Classic Bow Crossbody Bag Black
SPORTIVO STORE_Flex 2Way Tote Bag Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_Flex 2Way Tote Bag Olive Drab
SPORTIVO STORE_Flex 2Way Tote Bag Black
SOLD OUT SPORTIVO STORE_Things 2Way Helmet Bag Black
SPORTIVO STORE_Senses Tote Bag (S) Black
SPORTIVO STORE_Senses Tote Bag (L) Black
SPORTIVO STORE_Flex 2Way Helmet Bag Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_Flex 2Way Helmet Bag Olive Drab
SPORTIVO STORE_Flex 2Way Helmet Bag Black
SPORTIVO STORE_Tanker Tote Bag Iron Blue
SPORTIVO STORE_Tanker Tote Bag Sage Green
SPORTIVO STORE_Tanker Tote Bag Black
SPORTIVO STORE_Flex 2Way Helmet Bag Orange
SPORTIVO STORE_Flex 2Way Helmet Bag Gray
SPORTIVO STORE_Force Daypack Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_Flex Bonsac (S) Orange
SPORTIVO STORE_Howl Helmet Mini Bag Black
SPORTIVO STORE_Balloon Sac Woodland Camo Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_Balloon Sac (L) Black
SOLD OUT SPORTIVO STORE_A3 Shoulder Bag Black Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_Respail Bag Marine Blue
SPORTIVO STORE_Strasbourg Bag Olive
SPORTIVO STORE_Sorbonne Bag Marine Blue
SPORTIVO STORE_Sorbonne Bag Olive
SPORTIVO STORE_Chartres Bag Black
SPORTIVO STORE_Le-Marais Bag Light Greige
SPORTIVO STORE_Montsouris Bag Orange
SPORTIVO STORE_Mini Prisma Bag Black
SPORTIVO STORE_Beaded Mini Classic Bow Crossbody Bag Olive/Pearl
SPORTIVO STORE_Leather Basket Small Bag Dark Brown
SPORTIVO STORE_Ransel Mini Satchel Black
SPORTIVO STORE_Small Soft Game Bag Clay
SOLD OUT SPORTIVO STORE_Medium Soft Game Bag Asphalt
SPORTIVO STORE_Small Croissant Bag Dark Tabacco
SPORTIVO STORE_Medium Croissant Bag Dark Chocolate
SPORTIVO STORE_Leather Bag N.301 Black