This product is knitted slowly using an old knitting machine called Jambelka, giving it a fluffy texture . Air-spun yarn is used on the outside, making it light and tough while being dense . The back side is made of thread that is gentle to the touch, making it a comfortable product to wear. The textile used in SS is not brushed back and is thinner than AW, making it an item that can be worn for a long time. Slash pockets on both sides and raglan sleeves. The armholes are roomy and have a standard silhouette.

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SPORTIVO STORE_Arne Brushed Crew Sweatshirt Taupe
SPORTIVO STORE_Vagn Slim Organic Sweatshirt Linden Green
SPORTIVO STORE_Marten Relaxed Organic Raglan Sweatshirt Sediment Green
SPORTIVO STORE_Piping Track Jacket Black
SPORTIVO STORE_Textured Full Zip Deep Mauve
SPORTIVO STORE_Cropped V-Neck Sweater Stone
SPORTIVO STORE_Ring Sweater Bark
SPORTIVO STORE_Mini Hoodie Pink Glass
SPORTIVO STORE_Relaxed Sweatshirt Mustard Pigment
SPORTIVO STORE_Quilted Crewneck White
SPORTIVO STORE_Quilted Crewneck Black
SPORTIVO STORE_Mesh Summer Sweater Green
SPORTIVO STORE_Fiep Pop Hooded Sweat Off White Heather
SPORTIVO STORE_St. Annen Crest Crewneck Sweat Heather Grey
SPORTIVO STORE_Stand Collar Sweatshirt Cream
SPORTIVO STORE_School Cardigan Lightweight Loopback Cloud
SPORTIVO STORE_Flatlock Hood Ecru
SPORTIVO STORE_Jumberca Pull Parker Gray
SPORTIVO STORE_Jumberca Crew Neck Burgandy
SOLD OUT SPORTIVO STORE_Jumberca Crew Neck White
SPORTIVO STORE_Marten Relaxed Organic Raglan Sweatshirt Dusk Purple
SPORTIVO STORE_Mesh Hoodie Dark Grey
SPORTIVO STORE_Icons Hooded Sweat Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_Collage P Hooded Sweat Grey Heather
SPORTIVO STORE_Sleeveless Sweater Red Old Dye
SPORTIVO STORE_Organic Cotton Hooded Sweatshirt Blue Kyanite
SPORTIVO STORE_Bridget Hoodie White
SPORTIVO STORE_Another Polo Shirt 1.0 Night Sky Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_Another Polo Shirt 1.0 Light Grey Melange