Sunray sweaters have a traditional fit inspired by the feel of the 50's. Relaxed, boxier and slightly shorter than a modern fit. The collar, rib-design and fabrics are also traditional. Made in Japan from a 420 g Japanese terry fleece. A new model from Sunray Sportswear thats soon enough going to be a classic!


SPORTIVO STORE_Hood Over Post Card Sweater Army Green
SPORTIVO STORE_Fleeceback Sweatshirt Blue Charcoal Melange
SPORTIVO STORE_Fleeceback Sweatshirt Blue Navy Melange
SPORTIVO STORE_Knitted Hood Dark Olive
SPORTIVO STORE_Suma Fleece Plum Brown
SPORTIVO STORE_Striped Crewneck Sweat Sodalite Blue
SPORTIVO STORE_Loopback Half Zip Sweatshirt Blue Sage
SPORTIVO STORE_Loopback Sweatshirt Peacock
SPORTIVO STORE_Loopback Sweatshirt Vintage Pink
SPORTIVO STORE_Loopback Zip Hoody Grey Melange
SPORTIVO STORE_Loopback Zip Hoody Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_Midnight Cowboy Crew Sweatshirt Black
SPORTIVO STORE_Half Zip Pullover Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_Half Zip Pullover Oatmeal
SPORTIVO STORE_Hoodie Woolen Bone
SPORTIVO STORE_Another Sweatshirt 1.0 Evergreen
SPORTIVO STORE_High Neck Sweatshirt Dry Loopback Off Jersey Black
SPORTIVO STORE_Hoodie Dry Loopback Jersey Olive Leaf
SPORTIVO STORE_Wool Zip Antracite
SPORTIVO STORE_Arne Relaxed Org. Brushed Fleece Sweatshirt Taupe
SPORTIVO STORE_Arne Relaxed Org. Brushed Fleece Sweatshirt Ecru
SPORTIVO STORE_Arne Relaxed Org. Brushed Fleece Sweatshirt Dark Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_Half Zip Sweatshirt Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_Half Zip Sweatshirt Green
SPORTIVO STORE_Half Zip Sweatshirt Brown
SPORTIVO STORE_St Annen Crewneck Sweat Light Grey
SPORTIVO STORE_Arch Hooded Sweat Cress Green
SPORTIVO STORE_Joost Swarte Hooded Sweat Black
SPORTIVO STORE_Hoodie Grosgrain Orange
SPORTIVO STORE_Hoodie Grosgrain Yellow
SPORTIVO STORE_Hoodie Grosgrain Ecru
SPORTIVO STORE_Sweatshirt Grosgrain Green
SPORTIVO STORE_Ehukai Raglan Hooded Sweatshirt Hambledon Grey
SPORTIVO STORE_Paumana Raglan Sweatshirt Wan Blue
SPORTIVO STORE_Paumana Raglan Sweatshirt Ethereal Green
SPORTIVO STORE_Paumana Raglan Sweatshirt Hambledon Grey