Still By Hand

Slightly creasy stitches all the way round, sleeves can be freely rolled up.

100% Cotton

Single fabric jacket with no lining, garment-dyed. Super lightweight as if it weren’t there. Very summery. Designed as a proper jacket but has easy-to-wear- ness of a cardigan.
Ever so slightly peachy on the surface and has a cool or rather cold touch on the skin.


SPORTIVO STORE_Super Fine Tropical Wool Jacket Top Brown
SPORTIVO STORE_Super Fine Tropical Wool Soutien Collar Coat Top Charcoal
SPORTIVO STORE_Finx Natural Gabardine  Blouson Fade Ink Black
SPORTIVO STORE_Goat Suede Pullover Blouson Khaki Beige
SPORTIVO STORE_Linen Silk Check Zip Blouson White/Purple
SPORTIVO STORE_Selvedge Light Denim Blouson Indigo
SPORTIVO STORE_Selvedge Faded Light Denim Blouson Lightning Effect Black
SPORTIVO STORE_Solo Blazer 100's Canvas Charcoal
SPORTIVO STORE_Cut Blazer Foggia Black
SPORTIVO STORE_Util Coat Ventile Cotton Stone White
SPORTIVO STORE_Evo Jacket Cotton/Nylon Oxford Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_Nylon Batik Print Eurosport Anorak Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_Cotton/Wool/Linen Check 3 Button Comfort Jacket Natural
SPORTIVO STORE_Cotton Inkjet Mapping Embroidery Boat Jacket Nantucket Red
SPORTIVO STORE_Nylon Taffeta Boat Jacket Red
SPORTIVO STORE_Reversible 3 Layer Sailing Jacket Green
SPORTIVO STORE_Batik Print 4 Button Cuff Jacket Olive
SPORTIVO STORE_Strong Twisted Wool Panama Smoking Jacket Blue
SPORTIVO STORE_Jute Cotton Canvas Engineer Jacket Mustard
SPORTIVO STORE_Tetoron Cotton Poplin Adventure Vest Green
SPORTIVO STORE_Tyge Broken Twill Jacket Dried Sage Green
SPORTIVO STORE_Herluf Light Print Light Khaki
SPORTIVO STORE_Herluf Light Nylon Dried Sage Green
SPORTIVO STORE_Herluf Light Nylon Calcite Blue
SPORTIVO STORE_Crease-Dye Boxed Blouson Stain Green
SPORTIVO STORE_Selvedge Denim Jacket Dark Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_Cupro Mixed Coach Jacket Blue Grey
SPORTIVO STORE_Army Vest Fresh Cut Grass
SPORTIVO STORE_Bernard Bomber ITL. Waterproof Nylon Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_Barbosa Jacket Dessert Denim
SPORTIVO STORE_Shinji Blazer Moonlight Check
SPORTIVO STORE_Novel Jacket Recycled Vanilla
SPORTIVO STORE_Article Jacket Taupe
SPORTIVO STORE_Article Jacket Black
SPORTIVO STORE_Rise Shell Top Sandstone
SPORTIVO STORE_Short Jacket Black
SPORTIVO STORE_Jacket Borgo Regina Woven Ecru
SPORTIVO STORE_Zip Smock Kinetic Black
SPORTIVO STORE_Field Vest Kinetic Black
SPORTIVO STORE_Beste Dev. Two Double Sport Earth
SPORTIVO STORE_Brampton Jacket Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_Tom Jacket Sky Blue Dip Dye
SPORTIVO STORE_Poppy Pop Over Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_Extra Mile Infinity Jacket Black
SPORTIVO STORE_Military Double Breasted Trench Dusty Mastic
SPORTIVO STORE_Torrent Cotton Overcoat Beige
SPORTIVO STORE_Painters Jacket Dust
SPORTIVO STORE_Barn Jacket Black
SPORTIVO STORE_Barn Jacket 90's Fade
SPORTIVO STORE_Twill Windcheater Chocolate
SPORTIVO STORE_Reversible Liner Jacket Shwedish Camo
SPORTIVO STORE_Chambray Jungle Jacket Indigo
SPORTIVO STORE_Tropical Suiting E130 Jacket Grey
SPORTIVO STORE_Milan Rib Jacket 3 Dark Gray
SPORTIVO STORE_Milan Rib Jacket 2 Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_Milan Rib Blouson 3 Black
SPORTIVO STORE_Armie GMT Dye Jacket Dark Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_Armie GMT Dye Jacket Latte
SPORTIVO STORE_Fisherman's Heritage Jacket Rusty
SPORTIVO STORE_Fisherman's Heritage Jacket Antic Pink
SPORTIVO STORE_Fisherman's Heritage Jacket Argile
SPORTIVO STORE_Julian Cotton Linen Jacket Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_Julian Cotton Linen Jacket Marble White
SPORTIVO STORE_Emil Travel Light Jacket Black
SPORTIVO STORE_Jorn Tab Series Overshirt Dried Sage Green
SPORTIVO STORE_Double Pocket Anorak Light Grey
SPORTIVO STORE_Double Pocket Anorak Deep Blue
SPORTIVO STORE_Shirt Fabric Jacket Slate Grey
SPORTIVO STORE_Garment-Dye 2B Jacket Grey Navy
SOLD OUT SPORTIVO STORE_Garment-Dye 2B Jacket Grey Khaki
SPORTIVO STORE_Stand Collar Half Coat Beige
SPORTIVO STORE_Stand Collar Outer Vest Ink Black
SPORTIVO STORE_Stand Collar Outer Vest Blue Green
SPORTIVO STORE_Stand Collar Outer Vest Greige
SPORTIVO STORE_Linen Bal Collar Coat Light Grey
SPORTIVO STORE_Sleeveless Overshirt IndigoTwill Indigo
SPORTIVO STORE_Cropped Worker Jacket Soft Cotton Drill Faded Ink
SPORTIVO STORE_Worker Jacket Indigo Fog
SPORTIVO STORE_Grounds Jacket Stone
SPORTIVO STORE_Dojo Liner Sandstone
SPORTIVO STORE_Five Pocket Jacket Summer Canvas Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_Military Liner Jacket Cumin
SPORTIVO STORE_Five Pocket Jacket  Cotton/Linen Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_Bovinant 1ST Jacket Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_Ruchere 1ST Jacket Beige
SPORTIVO STORE_Ruchere 1ST Jacket Blue
SPORTIVO STORE_Pleat Bomber Cordura Ripstop Green
SPORTIVO STORE_Balance Seersucker Jacket Grey
SPORTIVO STORE_Cambridge Cotton Coat Fawn
SPORTIVO STORE_Cambridge Cotton Coat Black
SPORTIVO STORE_Tyge Broken Twill Jacket Black
SPORTIVO STORE_Relaxed Blouson Black
SPORTIVO STORE_Boxy Military Blouson Zink
SPORTIVO STORE_Raglan Suit Coat Brown/Yellow/Beige
SPORTIVO STORE_Boxy Jacket Denim Snow Grey
SPORTIVO STORE_Workwear Jacket Dark Coffee
SPORTIVO STORE_Workwear Jacket Squid Ink