Norse Projects

The Rokkvi parka is Norse Projects flagship outerwear style, it is the result of 6 iterations of minimalist design with the aim of creating one of the best all round winter jackets. Developed in collaboration with Pertex® Shield product technology. Pertex® Shield fabrics provide lightweight waterproof protection whilst remaining highly breathable. Insulated with RENU recycled down finished with flourocarbon free, water repellent HyperDRY technology. Also featuring Cohæsive™ functional cord ajustment engineered into the laminate directly onto the hood. This allows for single-handed cord-management and effortless function.


SPORTIVO STORE_Argyle Jacquard Zipper Blouson Black
SPORTIVO STORE_Heavy Melton Hunting Parka Camel
SPORTIVO STORE_Nylon Print Eurosport Anorak Blue
SPORTIVO STORE_Nylon Quilt Shirt Jacket Rust
SOLD OUT SPORTIVO STORE_Mix Kyoto Work Jacket Jap Print Twill/Cord Black
SPORTIVO STORE_Quilt Gower Winter Twill Jacket Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_Y2K Riversible Hoodie '23 Yellow
SPORTIVO STORE_Down Jacket Black
SPORTIVO STORE_Pinea 1ST Vest Off White
SPORTIVO STORE_Frenay 1ST Jacket Orange
SPORTIVO STORE_Bovinant 2ND Jacket Brown
SPORTIVO STORE_Bovinant 2ND Jacket Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_Malissard 1ST Coat Green
SPORTIVO STORE_Oversized Blazer Black Wool Cavalry Twill
SOLD OUT SPORTIVO STORE_Emil Cordura Tech Wool Blazer Dark Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_Zip Smock Tirreno Charcoal
SPORTIVO STORE_Roresby Coat Black
SPORTIVO STORE_Hooded Coat Dense Wool Melton Black
SOLD OUT SPORTIVO STORE_Bathrobe Coat Dark Brown
SPORTIVO STORE_Car Coat Deep Mauve
SPORTIVO STORE_Boxy Blouson Midnight Green
SPORTIVO STORE_Poppy Thermal Fleece Vest Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_Poppy Thermal Fleece '23 Panel
SPORTIVO STORE_Bigfoot Jacket '23 Panel
SPORTIVO STORE_Lithium Fleece Sand
SPORTIVO STORE_MT. Gorilla Jacket Panel
SPORTIVO STORE_Track Jacket Purple
SPORTIVO STORE_Track Jacket Green
SPORTIVO STORE_T80 Mountain Parka Green
SPORTIVO STORE_T80 Mountain Parka Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_Y2K Riversible Hoodie '23 Orange
SPORTIVO STORE_Bjarni Blouson Midnight Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_Juneau Jacket Arctic
SPORTIVO STORE_Kiljan Quilted Jacket Frozen Moss
SPORTIVO STORE_Drizzle Chore Jacket Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_Stockton Wool Jacket Army Green
SPORTIVO STORE_Waxed Short Jacket Burgundy
SPORTIVO STORE_Waxed Short Jacket Blue
SPORTIVO STORE_Installation Coat Black Fuzz
SPORTIVO STORE_Installation Coat Brown Fuzz
SPORTIVO STORE_Long Gap Coat Black Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_Body Warmer Green
SPORTIVO STORE_Puffed Simple Jacket Grey
SPORTIVO STORE_Padded Coach Jacket Sand
SPORTIVO STORE_Oversized Worker Jacket Brown
SPORTIVO STORE_Bomber Varsity Wool/Leather Military/Cognac
SPORTIVO STORE_Katla Coat Fireplace Check
SPORTIVO STORE_Cyrus Coat Dark Glacier Grey
SPORTIVO STORE_Ari Coat Dark Glacier Grey
SPORTIVO STORE_Loft Vest HD Technical Nylon Emerald
SPORTIVO STORE_Loft Jacket HD Technical Nylon Concrete
SPORTIVO STORE_Fox Blazer Wool Flannel Grey Mix
SPORTIVO STORE_Fox Blazer Wool Flannel Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_Contour Jacket Brushed Wool/Mohair Cream
SPORTIVO STORE_Relaxed Wool Jacket Charcoal
SPORTIVO STORE_Reversible Mackinaw Jacket Twill/Sherpa Light Olive
SPORTIVO STORE_Reversible Military Liner Jacket Green/Sand
SPORTIVO STORE_Reversible Military Liner Jacket Brown/Black
SPORTIVO STORE_Swing Overcoat Robert Check Brown
SPORTIVO STORE_3 Button Jacket Cord Licorice
SPORTIVO STORE_3 Button Jacket Cord Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_E130 Jacket Cotny Serge Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_Maha Anorak Sandstone
SPORTIVO STORE_Lightly Padded Parka Olive Drab
SPORTIVO STORE_Dojo Jacket Charcoal
SPORTIVO STORE_Single Breasted Blazer Grey Pinstripe
SPORTIVO STORE_Single Breasted Blazer Black Wool
SPORTIVO STORE_Pertex Shield Hybrid Knit Zip Jacket Dark Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_Granish Hooded Coat Black
SPORTIVO STORE_Cambridge Cotton Coat Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_Quilted Teeming Coach Jacket Khaki
SPORTIVO STORE_Oxford Patchwork Coat Flawn Colour Block
SPORTIVO STORE_Adam Reversible Jacket Black
SPORTIVO STORE_Oracle Jacket Fired Brick
SPORTIVO STORE_Tibio Coat Caramal Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_Paramar Coat Postion Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_Paramar Coat Berico Grigio
SPORTIVO STORE_Toppa Jacket Soro Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_Borgo Jacket Frare Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_Molena Jacket Berico Cammello
SPORTIVO STORE_Doria Jacket Valona Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_Sabion Overshirt Berico Grigio
SPORTIVO STORE_Visal Overshirt Mante Tabacco
SPORTIVO STORE_Visal Overshirt Tober Piombo
SPORTIVO STORE_Milan Rib Chester Coat Black
SPORTIVO STORE_Milan Rib Boxy Tailored Jacket Marine Blue
SPORTIVO STORE_Milan Rib Tailored Jacket Black
SPORTIVO STORE_Milan Rib Hoodie Jacket Marine Blue
SPORTIVO STORE_Milan Rib Shirt Jacket Light Grey
SPORTIVO STORE_Stratum Bomber Jacket Shadow Grey
SPORTIVO STORE_Pork Chop Jacket Battle Grey Duck
SPORTIVO STORE_Pork Chop Jacket Navy Herringbone
SOLD OUT SPORTIVO STORE_Easy Herringbone Rec Wool Over Jacket Navy