Norse Projects

The Ezra Light Stretch is a relaxed fitting pant with a loose leg constructed from stretch organic cotton twill. The pants are garment-dyed for a rich colour. Finished with a zip fly, snap closure and drawstring waist.

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SPORTIVO STORE_Finx Polyester Pants Olive Khaki Chambray
SPORTIVO STORE_Airy Wool Viyella Easy Pants Ivory White
SPORTIVO STORE_Bluefaced Wool Dobby Slacks Charcoal
SPORTIVO STORE_Drawstring Trousers Forest Puppytooth
SPORTIVO STORE_Drawstring Trousers Charcoal
SPORTIVO STORE_Miffy Suit Pant Black
SPORTIVO STORE_Hi Water Trouser Twill Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_Straight Pants Dark Grey
SPORTIVO STORE_Bussang 5TH Pants Off White
SPORTIVO STORE_Bussang 5TH Pants Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_Castillon 3RD Pants Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_Cut Trouser Coal Twill Black
SPORTIVO STORE_Zip Pocket Jogger Dry Cotton Gabardine Worn Green
SOLD OUT SPORTIVO STORE_Zip Pocket Jogger Dry Cotton Gabardine Ink
SPORTIVO STORE_Carpenters Trouser Dense CT Drill Elephant
SPORTIVO STORE_Chilliwack Pant Rust
SPORTIVO STORE_Chilliwack Pant Natural
SPORTIVO STORE_Chilliwack Pant Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_Relax Climber Pant Orange
SPORTIVO STORE_Relax Climber Pant Green
SPORTIVO STORE_Relax Climber Pant Yellow
SPORTIVO STORE_CTN Cargo Sweatpants Black
SPORTIVO STORE_Elasticated Wide Trousers Falcon Flannel
SOLD OUT SPORTIVO STORE_Elasticated Wide Trousers Frosty Navy Flannel
SPORTIVO STORE_Studio Trousers Grey Black Stripe
SPORTIVO STORE_Studio Trousers Anthracite Fine Stripe
SPORTIVO STORE_Studio Trousers Dark Grey Stripe
SPORTIVO STORE_Grandma Pants Piping Black Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_Sweat Pants Piping Grey
SPORTIVO STORE_Cliff Corduroy Artisanal Trousers Army Green
SPORTIVO STORE_Textured Band Pant Solid Grey
SPORTIVO STORE_Textured Band Pant Black
SPORTIVO STORE_Textured Lounge Pant Solid Grey
SPORTIVO STORE_Textured Lounge Pant Pinch Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_Jersey Trouser Black
SOLD OUT SPORTIVO STORE_Pleated Wide Trousers Navy Flannel
SPORTIVO STORE_Pleated Wide Trousers Chestnut Flannel
SPORTIVO STORE_Elasticated Wide Trousers Chestnut Flannel
SPORTIVO STORE_Elasticated Wide Trousers Faded Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_Elasticated Wide Trousers Lavastone
SOLD OUT SPORTIVO STORE_Samurai Trousers Tweedy Corduroy
SPORTIVO STORE_Banasa Pants Falcon Flannel
SPORTIVO STORE_Fox Trousers Wool Flannel Charcoal
SPORTIVO STORE_Cargo Pants Mercerized Canvas Emerald
SPORTIVO STORE_Relaxed Wool Pants Charcoal
SPORTIVO STORE_RB Chino Carbon Cotton Charcoal
SPORTIVO STORE_Wool Cargo Pants Blublack
SPORTIVO STORE_Shell Pant Sandstone
SPORTIVO STORE_Fold Cargo Pant Sandstone
SPORTIVO STORE_Service Trousers Dusty Taupe
SPORTIVO STORE_Service Trousers Black Wool Cavalry Twill
SPORTIVO STORE_Formal Trousers Black Wool
SPORTIVO STORE_Formal Trousers Grey Pinstripe
SPORTIVO STORE_Classic Trousers Taupe Grey Stripe
SPORTIVO STORE_Morris Trousers Camel
SPORTIVO STORE_Hiking Trousers Olive
SPORTIVO STORE_Hiking Trousers Dark Brown
SPORTIVO STORE_Another Pants 6.0 Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_Rambagio Trousers Novento Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_Masco Trousers Stino Nero
SPORTIVO STORE_Masco Trousers Stino Piombo
SPORTIVO STORE_Masco Trousers Stino Sasso
SPORTIVO STORE_Masco Trousers Stino Tabacco
SPORTIVO STORE_Masco Trousers Stino Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_Bativoga Trousers Mante Nero
SPORTIVO STORE_Bativoga Trousers Mante Sasso
SPORTIVO STORE_Bativoga Trousers Mante Noce
SPORTIVO STORE_Riobarbo Trousers Demi Piombo
SPORTIVO STORE_Riobarbo Trousers Demi Sasso
SPORTIVO STORE_Riobarbo Trousers Demi Tabacco
SPORTIVO STORE_Bria Trousers Stino Piombo
SPORTIVO STORE_Bria Trousers Stino Tabacco
SPORTIVO STORE_Bria Trousers Stino Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_Bria Trousers Cariol Nero
SPORTIVO STORE_Ameo Trousers Valona Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_Delfo Trousers Gresal Unico
SPORTIVO STORE_Delfo Trousers Galia Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_Nerio Trousers Postion Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_Nerio Trousers Salera Beige
SPORTIVO STORE_Fluted Tapered Pants Black
SPORTIVO STORE_Milan Rib Straight Pants Marine Blue
SPORTIVO STORE_Milan Rib Straight Pants Black
SPORTIVO STORE_Loose Pleat Chino Khaki Twill
SPORTIVO STORE_Another Pants 4.0 Turkish Coffee
SPORTIVO STORE_Pleated Track Pant Italian Pinstripe Brown
SPORTIVO STORE_Pleated Track Pant Winter Twill Winter White
SPORTIVO STORE_Pleated Track Pant Winter Twill Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_Parachute Pant Carbon Cotton Charcoal
SPORTIVO STORE_Military Chino Cord. Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_Military Chino Org. Utility Cotton Sand
SPORTIVO STORE_Military Chino Org. Utility Cotton Licorice
SPORTIVO STORE_Military Chino Upcycled Tweed Grey
SPORTIVO STORE_RB Cotton/Wool Twill Chino Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_Pleated Relaxed Pants Pistachio
SPORTIVO STORE_Military Pants Hedge Green
SPORTIVO STORE_Wide Wool Pants Grey