Norse Projects

The Aros Corduroy is constructed from a 8 wale corduroy from Italian mill Duca Visconti. This pant has a regular fit, featuring a zip fly and internal button bearer. Duca Visconti is an Italian mill which has been producing unique and exceptional fabrics of the highest quality since 1838. Inspired by the principle of constant improvement and recognized for their heritage and dedication to tradition.


SPORTIVO STORE_Finx Polyester Pants Olive Khaki Chambray
SPORTIVO STORE_Airy Wool Viyella Easy Pants Ivory White
SPORTIVO STORE_Bluefaced Wool Dobby Slacks Charcoal
SPORTIVO STORE_Drawstring Trousers Forest Puppytooth
SPORTIVO STORE_Drawstring Trousers Charcoal
SPORTIVO STORE_Miffy Suit Pant Black
SPORTIVO STORE_Hi Water Trouser Twill Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_Straight Pants Dark Grey
SPORTIVO STORE_Bussang 5TH Pants Off White
SPORTIVO STORE_Bussang 5TH Pants Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_Castillon 3RD Pants Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_Cut Trouser Coal Twill Black
SPORTIVO STORE_Zip Pocket Jogger Dry Cotton Gabardine Worn Green
SOLD OUT SPORTIVO STORE_Zip Pocket Jogger Dry Cotton Gabardine Ink
SPORTIVO STORE_Carpenters Trouser Dense CT Drill Elephant
SPORTIVO STORE_Chilliwack Pant Rust
SPORTIVO STORE_Chilliwack Pant Natural
SPORTIVO STORE_Chilliwack Pant Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_Relax Climber Pant Orange
SPORTIVO STORE_Relax Climber Pant Green
SPORTIVO STORE_Relax Climber Pant Yellow
SPORTIVO STORE_CTN Cargo Sweatpants Black
SPORTIVO STORE_Elasticated Wide Trousers Falcon Flannel
SOLD OUT SPORTIVO STORE_Elasticated Wide Trousers Frosty Navy Flannel
SPORTIVO STORE_Studio Trousers Grey Black Stripe
SPORTIVO STORE_Studio Trousers Anthracite Fine Stripe
SPORTIVO STORE_Studio Trousers Dark Grey Stripe
SPORTIVO STORE_Grandma Pants Piping Black Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_Sweat Pants Piping Grey
SPORTIVO STORE_Cliff Corduroy Artisanal Trousers Army Green
SPORTIVO STORE_Textured Band Pant Solid Grey
SPORTIVO STORE_Textured Band Pant Black
SPORTIVO STORE_Textured Lounge Pant Solid Grey
SPORTIVO STORE_Textured Lounge Pant Pinch Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_Jersey Trouser Black
SOLD OUT SPORTIVO STORE_Pleated Wide Trousers Navy Flannel
SPORTIVO STORE_Pleated Wide Trousers Chestnut Flannel
SPORTIVO STORE_Elasticated Wide Trousers Chestnut Flannel
SPORTIVO STORE_Elasticated Wide Trousers Faded Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_Elasticated Wide Trousers Lavastone
SOLD OUT SPORTIVO STORE_Samurai Trousers Tweedy Corduroy
SPORTIVO STORE_Banasa Pants Falcon Flannel
SPORTIVO STORE_Fox Trousers Wool Flannel Charcoal
SPORTIVO STORE_Cargo Pants Mercerized Canvas Emerald
SPORTIVO STORE_Relaxed Wool Pants Charcoal
SPORTIVO STORE_RB Chino Carbon Cotton Charcoal
SPORTIVO STORE_Wool Cargo Pants Blublack
SPORTIVO STORE_Shell Pant Sandstone
SPORTIVO STORE_Fold Cargo Pant Sandstone
SPORTIVO STORE_Service Trousers Dusty Taupe
SPORTIVO STORE_Service Trousers Black Wool Cavalry Twill
SPORTIVO STORE_Formal Trousers Black Wool
SPORTIVO STORE_Formal Trousers Grey Pinstripe
SPORTIVO STORE_Classic Trousers Taupe Grey Stripe
SPORTIVO STORE_Morris Trousers Camel
SPORTIVO STORE_Hiking Trousers Olive
SPORTIVO STORE_Hiking Trousers Dark Brown
SPORTIVO STORE_Another Pants 6.0 Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_Rambagio Trousers Novento Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_Masco Trousers Stino Nero
SPORTIVO STORE_Masco Trousers Stino Piombo
SPORTIVO STORE_Masco Trousers Stino Sasso
SPORTIVO STORE_Masco Trousers Stino Tabacco
SPORTIVO STORE_Masco Trousers Stino Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_Bativoga Trousers Mante Nero
SPORTIVO STORE_Bativoga Trousers Mante Sasso
SPORTIVO STORE_Bativoga Trousers Mante Noce
SPORTIVO STORE_Riobarbo Trousers Demi Piombo
SPORTIVO STORE_Riobarbo Trousers Demi Sasso
SPORTIVO STORE_Riobarbo Trousers Demi Tabacco
SPORTIVO STORE_Bria Trousers Stino Piombo
SPORTIVO STORE_Bria Trousers Stino Tabacco
SPORTIVO STORE_Bria Trousers Stino Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_Bria Trousers Cariol Nero
SPORTIVO STORE_Ameo Trousers Valona Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_Delfo Trousers Gresal Unico
SPORTIVO STORE_Delfo Trousers Galia Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_Nerio Trousers Postion Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_Nerio Trousers Salera Beige
SPORTIVO STORE_Fluted Tapered Pants Black
SPORTIVO STORE_Milan Rib Straight Pants Marine Blue
SPORTIVO STORE_Milan Rib Straight Pants Black
SPORTIVO STORE_Loose Pleat Chino Khaki Twill
SPORTIVO STORE_Another Pants 4.0 Turkish Coffee
SPORTIVO STORE_Pleated Track Pant Italian Pinstripe Brown
SPORTIVO STORE_Pleated Track Pant Winter Twill Winter White
SPORTIVO STORE_Pleated Track Pant Winter Twill Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_Parachute Pant Carbon Cotton Charcoal
SPORTIVO STORE_Military Chino Cord. Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_Military Chino Org. Utility Cotton Sand
SPORTIVO STORE_Military Chino Org. Utility Cotton Licorice
SPORTIVO STORE_Military Chino Upcycled Tweed Grey
SPORTIVO STORE_RB Cotton/Wool Twill Chino Navy
SPORTIVO STORE_Pleated Relaxed Pants Pistachio
SPORTIVO STORE_Military Pants Hedge Green
SPORTIVO STORE_Wide Wool Pants Grey