Paraboot. Michael lis-marron



An original from Paraboot collection.
A timeless model without comparison in the trend of the day.

Piped seam derby, 2 eyelets.
Leather lining, genuine Norwegian welted on genuine rubber sole shoes.

Goodyear welted constructionPrinciple
Goodyear construction is more refined than Norwegian construction, and just as strong. The "Goodyear" seam connects the welt to the upper and the inner sole. Unlike Norwegian stitching, the welt is stitched upside down and turned over, making the Goodyear stitching invisible. Specialised fine stitching connects the welt to the outsole.
The Goodyear welt appears around 1865. This technique owes its name to Mr Charles Goodyear Jr, inventor of this sewing machine. Since the beginning, Goodyear stitching is traditionally used for the manufacturing of high-end shoes and often for city use.
This solid and flexible mounting technique both makes the shoe waterproof and resoleable. The rendering is finer than the Norwegian construction. From a purely technical point of view, the advantages of the Goodyear welt are comparable to those of the Norwegian welt.
Homogeneous skin pressed with a smooth, warm plate.

Paraboot has been manufacturing shoes on leather soles since our foundation. Cut from the best cattle hide, these compressed by passing the leather through rollers to increase the density. It is then more rigid, and more resistant and less permeable to water. Therefore, you will appreciate the comfort of a leather sole after a few days of wearing. Happiness comes next: the shoes will be on your feet for your comfort.
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